Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication Williamsburg Metal - Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn, Metal Spinning, Metal Forming, Custom Metal Fabrication

The Process of Metal Spinning At Its Best

August 22nd, 2011

The Process of Metal Spinning At Its Best

The process of metal spinning is something that can be considered to be very essential to a lot of industries nowadays. There are various businesses that make use of the benefits of metal spinning in as far as the advancement of different aspects of the world of manufacturing industry.

Metals basically have the characteristic of being transformed into different shapes and forms by the use of a range of processes. Metal spinning is one of the most common processes that are used in order to transform the look of a metal. A tube metal or a sheet metal is changed into a desired shaped as far as metal spinning is concerned. The form may be circular, cylindrical, conic, or hemispherical depending on what is preferred. Metal spinning is also called spin forming, or simply put as spinning. Metal spinning is a type of metalworking technique in which a metal is transformed into an object which form is circular, cylindrical, conic, or hemispherical depending on what is preferred.

There are many products that can be made out of the process of metal spinning. There are times that these products are part of a design of a broader scope. Details and patterns that can draw the attention of people are also examples of how metal spinning can extensively work. Since there is a lot of industries that make use of what metal spinning can do, there are also several providers of services that are associated to this.

It is very essential to get into what metal spinning is if you want to deal with a service provider for can truly give you what you deserve to have. The reputation of the company you are eying is something that you must take into consideration especially to guarantee that you are dealing with a professional service provider. At the end of the day, it will be you who will greatly benefit out of having a service provider that can be by your side.

True enough, one may find it hard to look for the right service provider, but the real deal about this matter is that there is a solution to any problem that you suppose to have no more solution. For metal spinning needs, Williamsburg Metal is just the ideal one to turn to. With its effective programs pertaining to metalworking, Williamsburg Metal continues to be the leader on providing not just metal spinning, but also metal stamping, custom metal fabrication, and tool and die making to various industries. Because of the loyalty of these industries, more and more businesses are dealing with Williamsburg Metal.

As far as metal spinning is concerned, Williamsburg Metal executes the services that have high quality. The materials used on every process are certified to be of high standards. Williamsburg Metal continually seeks for more advancement in order to serve its clients better. Its previous clients can attest to the professionalism of this company as well as the excellence of its manufactured products. There is no doubt on the convenience that you can take advantage of out of a reliable service provider.

Metal Stamping as a Useful Operation

August 7th, 2011

Metal Stamping as a Useful Operation

Metal stamping is an essential operation for many companies. The needs when it comes to this process are sometimes mistaken a great difficulty, when in fact, there are great companies that specialize in procurement and manufacturing of ordered mechanical parts for the production of tools and parts. More than this, ordering has never been this easy granting that the web presence of these companies is undeniable.

While maintaining the essence of letting customers avail of high quality products, these companies make it a point to gain a good reputation from its customers. Reliability plus reputation is truly a great way of winning loyalty for these companies. True enough, this is what happening nowadays simply due to the adherence of companies to requirements, specifications, timeframes, and even delivery dates. Whatever a client needs from its service provider, it is given with enough attention and quick response. These are the things that one must take into consideration when looking for the right service provider for his metalworking needs. Companies that prioritize the quality of products and good relationship between the business and the clients are what many industries are after for these days.

Metal stamping is one of most common metal operations that clients go after. Besides metal spinning, custom metal fabrication, and die and tool making, metal stamping as provided by these companies is a great help for many industries. Metal stamping is characterized by being a quick operation that entails cost-efficiency which several industry look forward to having. All metals can be used in the process of metal stamping including aluminum, bronze, copper, nickel, steel, titanium and zinc.

Metal stamping uses punches on imprinting the desired shape or design into the metal. The punches pushes the metal onto what is known as die which is a plate that has the desired shape or form of the product. In order to come up with complex shapes and forms, pieces can be placed amid the punches and dies.

Several industries evidently make use of metal stamping in order to manufacture various products. Automobile industry, medical industry, and military industry are just some of the many industries that take advantage of metal stamping. The production of products has given a brand new wave of techniques because of metal stamping.

Looking for a metal stamping provider may seem like a daunting task, but this is only true when one is dealing with a company that has low reputation and questionable reliability. Because of its awareness and sensitivity to the needs of its clients, this is not the image projected by Williamsburg Metal. Providing the best metalworking solutions to its clients is what matters most to Williamsburg Metal apart from maintaining the high standard that it is well known for. Williamsburg Metal supplies metal stamping and metal spinning to vast array of industries. It also specializes in deep draw metal stamping and it is equipped to perform many secondary operations including trimming, slotting, tapping, and spot welding. All tooling is done in house which makes it more cost-efficient.

A Good Reputation More Than Just Metal Stamping

July 17th, 2011

A Good Reputation More Than Just Metal Stamping

With the advent of today’s technology, there is just about anything that we can look for with the use of a computer with an internet connection. Convenience is truly what makes the online world exist to the fullest. One of the many advantages of the use of the internet is the online market.

Granting that there is just about anything that can be found on the internet, there is also just about anything that you can have from ordering online. This is something that applies for companies that specialize in the procurement of mechanical high precision tool as well as parts for mold building. Williamsburg Metal is included on the wide array of companies that go for contract manufacturing over the internet.

But then again, for the best interest of the clients who trust on Williamsburg Metal, it makes it a point to give only the best and the most cost-efficient products that it can manufacture using its revolutionary capabilities such as metal drawing, metal bending, and metal shearing. Machines that are used for metal stamping typically utilize stamping dies. There can be one or more die for every machine that is needed for an operation. Without these die, the metal stamping machines cannot work properly and the production of useful products cannot be achieved.

Whenever a client has a metalworking need, this can be right away taken care of by providers of services such as metal stamping, metal spinning, and custom metal fabrication. Williamsburg Metal is the leading company that specializes in procurement and manufacturing of ordered mechanical parts. The evolution of the online world paved way to the possibility of gaining information and doing transactions such as quoting and ordering with the clicks of the mouse and the strikes of the keyboard. While keeping the spirit of having high standard products, customers nowadays avail of the advantages of the convenience from companies that have a web presence.

One thing that a client must always take into consideration is the reputation of the service provider being considered. It matters most to deal with a service provider that focuses on its reliability and professionalism. Williamsburg Metal is just the right thing when it comes to any client’s metalworking needs. Apart from specializing on deep draw metal stamping, it also takes pride on its various capabilities on metal stamping, metal spinning, custom metal fabrication, and die and tool making among others.

Delivery is something that Williamsburg Metal also takes note of. With the application of Just in Time delivery, any metal stamping need can be solved just before the result is needed by the client. Because of this, many clients are turning their heads to Williamsburg Metal because it recognizes what must be adhered to.

Likewise, Williamsburg Metal is aware of the very needs of its clients. Part of any transaction is the requirements that must be known for both parties. A good communication between both parties strengthens not only their relationship but also their individual reputation. True enough, Williamsburg Metal maintains its good image as a provider of quality manufactured parts and mechanical tools.

The Importance of Providing JIT – Just in Time Delivery

July 3rd, 2011

The Importance of Providing JIT – Just in Time Delivery

Inventory is very important for many businesses these days. This is so because it can make or break the marketing strategies that are entailed on keeping inventory. As much as possible, adequacy is looked into by customers because having the lack of the goods and materials that they need is unpleasant. Likewise, customers who cannot meet their very requirements or specifications through the service provider they trust have the tendency of losing the loyalty on that service provider.

Being out of stock is something being avoided by companies in order to keep the business moving. The biggest fear of any business owner is having his business shut down. In order to avoid this scenario, companies these days make it a point to keep their services intact. For companies that provide products, they also make sure that what they have are more than enough for the consumers.

But then again, keeping too much is costly. When it comes to companies that tender both services and products to the market, having so many inventory at one point of time is expensive. This is the very reason why suppliers necessitate the cooperation of the consumers in terms of controlling the situation. There is no rush about this necessity because one strategy is applied by most companies who want to avoid complications. On the part of the service and product provider, the concept of Just in Time delivery is executed to steer away from the domino effect entailed on stocking unscathed materials and products. By means of Just in Time delivery, the product needed by the clients is given just before it is needed.

For Just in Time delivery to be executed properly, there is a great need for cooperation between the service provider and the client. Without constant communication on what must be done and what must be avoided, everything will simply fall to pieces. It has to be noted that a clear agreement about everything that matters within the deal is a very important factor to consider. Not only will this eventuate to satisfaction on both parties, the relationship between the seller and the buyer will also be strengthened.

Just in Time delivery is a strategy of Williamsburg Metal that is considered as a very strong advantage of the company. Apart from that, it is also a way of Williamsburg Metal on showing how professional it works for the best interest of its customers. In order to keep their customers loyal and for more people to be paying attention on how the services are done, Just in Time delivery is implemented will full strictness.

For any metalworking concerns, Williamsburg Metal provides what the client needs. Coupled with the great help of providing Just in Time delivery, the relationship between many clients and Williamsburg Metal is more than how it looks like. As time goes by, it is proven that more strategies are carried out by Williamsburg Metal because it believes that a good relationship between the company and the people being provided for by the company is indispensible.

Just in Time Delivery Prioritizes Clients

June 20th, 2011

Just in Time Delivery Prioritizes Clients

Just in Time is a very essential concept when it comes to manufacturing businesses. Just in Time or JIT is an inventory strategy utilized by many firms these days in order to improve the inventory cost of a business by the use of reducing transit times as well as warehouse cost. This is something that effectively paves way to a good relationship between the firm and the clients especially when it comes to Just in Time delivery.

In line with the very aim of Williamsburg Metal on providing the best services to its clients, Just in Time delivery is prioritized so that the clients can receive the product just before they need it. This kind of demand is very apparent to today’s marketing world because of the indispensible need for the reliability on delivering the products just in time.

By and large, there are two main reasons as to why Just in Time delivery is implemented by many businesses these days. For one, the cost of the inventory is reduced by means of having the products delivered right before the deadline of the client is met or the agreed upon timeframe is reached. The second reason is to keep away from having unwanted delays. Of course, businesses must not, as much as possible, arrive at the period or point in time during which the manufacturing of the product or its delivery is delayed. The obvious repercussion of a delayed delivery is a marred reputation. Businesses tend to keep their reputation as high as necessary for the clients to keep on getting their services. With customers that have no confidence on them, the bottom of the pit for the business is no longer impossible to fall unto.

Just in Time delivery is seen as the best solution for the complications brought about by delay and piling up of inventory. Williamsburg Metal applies the concept of Just in Time delivery because it believes that this keeps on improving the quality of the services that are being offered. Manifestly, Just in Time delivery has been used for a long time now as implied by its effectiveness. Since this is an effective tool that provides a room for more things to come for the business that applies this concept, more and more firms are gaining the benefit of Just in Time delivery.

Naturally, there are challenges that are entailed on applying a marketing strategy, but the very point of Just in Time delivery is to see the advantages more than the difficulties that it may bring about.

Williamsburg Metal, as the leading provider of metalworking needs, uses Just in Time delivery as part of its game plan primarily for the people who trust on it. While giving the most favorable products, the services during and after the manufacturing processes are given the utmost importance. At the end of the day, the client is the one will be benefit the most out of the services and the products delivered by businesses such as Williamsburg Metal.

Pioneering Metal Fabricating Solutions For All Metals

June 6th, 2011

Pioneering Metal Fabricating Solutions For All Metals

Williamsburg Metal is confident about handling all metals depending on the requirement of the custom metal fabrication task. There may be different and operations involved when it comes to metal fabrication but all metals work for the best interest of the processes. Williamsburg Metal can handle all metals such as, but not limited to, aluminum, brass, cold-rolled, copper, hot-dipped, hot-rolled, sheet metal, stainless steel, and zinc.

With the employment of all metals necessary for a particular project, the required metalworking operation can be executed effectively.

For one, metal stamping is best known for its use on forming sheet metals. There are different procedures that are involved on the manufacturing of the required product. Metal stamping refers to various procedures such as blanking, piercing, coining, deep drawing, bending, embossing, forming, flanging, drawing, punching and progressive stamping. There are individual techniques and ones that necessitate series of stage operations.

Another operation is metal spinning. With the use of all metals, metal spinning can be done with the consideration that it is a vital process in metalworking. In order to form the desired shape, a tube or disc metal is rotated at high speed. The foundation of this operation is the axially symmetry that is evident on the part manufactured. This operation is also known as “spinning” or “spin forming” as implied by the importance of spinning on the operation. This can be done either manually or by the use of a CNC lathe.

Of course, there is a custom metal fabricating service tendered by Williamsburg Metal. Taking into account that all metals can pave way on the fabrication of a part, custom metal fabrication can be efficiently done. Metal fabrication refers to the creation or construction of machines, structures, and any other comparable equipment by the use of cutting, assembling, and shaping parts out of raw materials. There are other processes that intertwine with custom metal fabrication with the use of all metals.

Several industries nowadays take advantage of the pioneering metal fabricating solutions provided by Williamsburg Metal. These solutions are not simply the answer to the metal needs of industries such as aerospace, commercial, medical, military, railing, scientific, and other manufacturing ones. As a matter of fact, these solutions become the source of custom metal fabricating needs because of its competence and good organization.

Williamsburg Metal offers the largest capabilities of metal stamping and metal spinning to a vast array of clients. Apart from specializing in deep draw metal stamping, it is equipped to perform several secondary operations including trimming, slotting, tapping, and spot welding. All tooling is done in house to provide cost-efficient manufactured products.

It is not just about the competence that several industries go after when it comes to Williamsburg Metal. It is more of the quality and the innovation involved on all of its programs. Affordable price is one thing, delivery that is just in time is another. With its commitment to perform only at its best, Williamsburg Metal remains to be the source of confidence of many clients.

Importance of Facilities and Equipment for Operations of All Metals

May 23rd, 2011

Importance of Facilities and Equipment for Operations of All Metals

Most of the time, one of the factors considered when it comes to metalworking needs is the equipment and facilities used by the company being dealt with. It is very important to deal with only the company that takes pride in the best equipment and facilities that make it possible for it to have the best manufactured products using all metals. Dealing with incompetent companies that do not have the proper facilities to manufacture what you need is a big no-no especially if you want satisfaction guaranteed.

Williamsburg Metal is confident on the modern facilities and new equipment that it utilizes for metal stamping, metal spinning, and sheet metal forming. Associated to these operations are the tool and die shop and the inspection shop.

Metal stamping is the process of making sheet metal parts out of all metals by the use of dedicated tooling that is mounted in either hydraulic or mechanic presses. Williamsburg Metal employs deep draw toggle presses to 200 tons. These presses are able to draw 14 ½ inches of diameter with as much as 7 ½ inch diameter. Furthermore, it has over 25 power presses to 60 tons from 2-inch to 8-inch stroke. Most of these power presses come with air cushion and air clutch. Williamsburg Metal also uses Dayton Rodgers shell trimmer.

Another process is metal spinning. It is a metalworking operation by which metal tube or a metal disc is spun at high speed in order to form into a cylinder, cone, or hemisphere part among other axially symmetric ones. This can be done manually or with the use of CNC lathe. Williamsburg Metal prefers the use of metal spinning lathes to 26-inch swing in order to come up with the best spun part out of all metals. Whenever there is a need for a circular cut, the shears can do its function for up to 60 inches of diameter. The utility lathes as a metal spinning equipment for all metals are also included for secondary operations such as trimming, rolling and beading. The utility lathes all come with rockers.

The high quality equipment being brought into play for sheet metal forming include micrometer backed finger brakes and press brakes for the metal forming, diacro benders for the metal bending operation, rollers such as 4 foot cylinder roller for spin forming (including emboss rolling and bead rolling), and hydraulic shear for metal shearing. The tools utilized for sheet metal forming deserve recognition especially because these are the foundation for excellently made parts using all metals.

Williamsburg Metal never fails to bring only what its clients deserve to have. Since these tools are just the perfect tools to be used for every operation, Williamsburg Metal never closes its eye to improvement towards advancement. This is something that it is proud of. As long as the tools used for any operations for all metals are maintained, anyone can rest assured that what is done in terms of the metalworking operations are to the best interest of the clients.

Towards Highest Quality of Custom Parts Manufacturing

May 9th, 2011

Towards Highest Quality of Custom Parts Manufacturing

Ever since metal was discovered, people have been eager to learn technologies that can draw the best out of the use of metal. If the primitive people were used to making weapons out of metals in order to survive, modern people have more things to flesh out of metals. True enough, a lot of industries these days yield out of the benefits of metals.

In the aim of giving only the highest quality of service, Williamsburg Metal keeps on being equipped in order to let its client gain way in to the metal fabricating services that are essential to come up with custom parts. The services that Williamsburg Metal takes pride in offering its clients include metal stamping, metal spinning, sheet metal forming, and custom metal fabrication.

It is not just about the years of existence of Williamsburg Metal that must be taken into account. It is more of the supplication of only the finest quality of metal parts and products as contributing factors to the marketplace. The tradition of bring only the best products at the most cost-efficient prices is carried out in order to make itself as competent as how it is 75 years ago.

Being the leader in different metalworking operations such as metal stamping, metal spinning, sheet metal forming and custom metal fabrication, Williamsburg Metal has been helping various kinds of industries. For over 75 years, there has been a lot of stamping and spinning custom parts and products served for different applications. It is mostly about the complete packaging of Williamsburg Metal that keeps some of the known and largest companies in the world known for their services and trustworthiness rely on its services. Whenever these companies have the needs for metal stamping and custom parts manufacturing, the first name that comes to their minds is Williamsburg Metal.

The medical industry is served by the Williamsburg Metal when it comes to custom parts needed especially for health-related equipment. Likewise, the scientific industry also takes advantage of the many benefits that can be gained out of dealing with Williamsburg Metal. Even the industry of giftware knows that it is just right to beckon Williamsburg Metal for metal forming needs. Also, electrical and electronic enclosures as well as display and speaker manufacturing and audio all profit from the services of this phenomenal company. Other industries that benefit from Williamsburg Metal are the baking service industry, lamp and lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and food service industry.

Custom parts manufacturing paved way for the production of factually thousands of applications that was manufactured through the past decades. As we move forward to more years of the existence of this company, there is surely more applications to come that are ground-breaking.

As we can clearly see it, there is more to what we have nowadays. There will definitely be more than just how custom parts are manufactured. The engineering and the custom design process of custom parts manufacturing will develop from time to time to give way for advancement.

Shearing and Slitting as Part of Custom Parts Fabrication

April 17th, 2011

Shearing and Slitting as Part of Custom Parts Fabrication

Many industries nowadays deal with manufacturers that specialize in metal fabrication in order to come up with custom parts. For whatever purpose the custom parts may serve these industries, always taken into consideration are the operations executed by the firm they deal with.

The processes of metal fabrication must always be looked into thoroughly so that the resulting custom parts would be the product of the engineered specifications. For one, shearing is the process of metal fabrication that is utilized in order to cut through smooth metal stock or straight columns.

By and large, shearing is characterized by its faculty of making slices with straight lines on the sheet stock that is smooth. Shearing also has the capability to cut relatively tiny lengths of materials at any chance. This is due to the fact that it is likely for the sharp edges to be cut in that it is rigid at a skew in order to reduce the necessary force for cutting.

Shearing involves the upper blade and the lower blade having either at a standstill. During shearing, there is force acting between the two blades as each passes the other. A vital offset is used to determine the gap between the two blades. On the same note, there is a metal placement in the middle of the lower shear blade and the upper shear blade.

Cutting of metals is not exclusive for sheets. The use of this process of metal fabrication for custom parts can also be done on angle stock, strips, bars and plates. Raw materials that are used to come up with custom parts vary widely. Sheared materials include stainless steel, bronze, brass and aluminum among many others.

Apart from shearing, slitting is another type of process used in order to make custom parts. Instead of making cuts right at the very sides of the work piece, slicing is taken advantage of when it comes to opening of a metal coil in some slighter coils. Of course, this is in the account of the initial coil being stirred via the slicker.
One prominent attribute of slitting is its capability of being carried out on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Moreover, slitting is strictly for slicing materials that are significantly slim.

Whenever there is the need to cut a metal, there are things that must be considered first. Try answering the following questions:
What is the material to be cut?
What is the object to be cut made of?
How thick is the piece of material to be cut?
How must the cutting be tolerated in terms of restraint?
By means of answering these questions, you can determine what procedure to be used. Williamsburg Metal knows very well what to do when it comes to manufacturing custom parts as specified by its clients. It is more than a necessity for Williamsburg Metal to consider every single detail of the process of custom metal fabrication. On the same page, the client, regardless of the industry it belongs to, must take note of specifying its exact need so that the manufacturing of custom parts would be done well.

The Fundamentals of Tool Making and Die Making

April 3rd, 2011

The Fundamentals of Tool Making and Die Making

When it comes to tool and die making, it is very imperative to get into the fundamentals of both tool making and die making. By means of understanding what tool and die making is, one can clearly see its benefits.

Even if tool making and die making are two dissimilar things, die making is a subgenre of tool making. But then again, above and beyond, tool and die making is more often than not viewed as a single field because of its overlapping concepts. It is best to look closely at tool and die making individually instead of taking both as a whole.

By and large, tool making refers to the creation of tooling that is used in order to manufacture products. There are various tools that different industries may utilize depending on the need. Some of the most ordinary tools are form tools and metal forming tools. Apart from these examples, machine tools can also be made out of the process of tool making. The craft of tool making also has something to do with precision fixturing in as much as creating, holding, and testing the products that are crafted out of metal fabricating. Tool making is a very essential matter to deal with as far as the tool maker is concerned because modification of what we know as conventional tools is in as much indispensable to perk up the quality of the craft.

On the other hand, die making concentrates on the creation as well as the maintenance of dies. As mentioned in advance, die making is a subgenre of tool making because a die can be considered as a tool. Die in the metalworking sense is defined as any of different devices that are utilized for forming or cutting materials in a machine used for forging, stamping, or pressing. Apart from die itself, die sets, steel rule dies, and punches can be created by the use of the craft of die making. The core of die making is accuracy. In order to preserve proper clearance on manufacturing precise parts, accuracy must be the cornerstone of any business that deals with die making.

Without a doubt, both tool and die making is prioritized by Williamsburg Metal. Although Williamsburg Metal is best known for the services like metal stamping and metal spinning, tool and die making is also something that it takes pride in. What many industries like about the tool and die making of Williamsburg Metal is its cleanliness. Moreover, there is a modern efficiency that it is confident about. Because of the unparalleled competence and good organization of Williamsburg Metal, it keeps on spreading the good news of providing only the highest standard operations for its clients.

The equipment and the facilities of Williamsburg Metal keep on being the pioneer of positive feedbacks about the business and the people behind it. Tool and die making is never an easy craft but Williamsburg Metal makes it a point to give only the best shot it can give for the best interest of those who are confident on it.

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